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T3 escorts the Heavenly Food

一、Customer Profile:

Established in 2004, Beijing Tiandi Food Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of ramen。The company uses the unique processing technology of Japanese ramen, adhering to the mining of traditional national flavor, has mature and complete production and processing equipment and first-class high-tech personnel, product quality is reliable guarantee。At present, the company mainly produces and operates "Imachi" Japanese and Chinese two series of ramen more than 10 varieties, the main varieties are Imachi Japanese high protein ramen, soba noodles, Dan Dan noodles, bone soup noodles, hot pot noodles, Beijing style noodles and other varieties。

The company adheres to the quality belief of "quality is no small matter, quality is no discussion", takes "nutrition, health, convenience, fashion, natural, pursuit of nature" as the quality policy, always puts quality in the first place, product quality has reached the domestic leading level, and is highly respected and trusted by consumers all over the country。In November 2007, it was awarded the "Most Trusted by consumers - Quality assured Catering" by the expert Review Committee of China's leading Quality enterprises.。The company is centered in Beijing, and its products are exported to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha, Jinan, Dalian, Hohhot and other large and medium-sized cities across the country。

二、Management confusion:

Beijing Tiandi Shengsheng Food Co., Ltd. is in the stage of rapid development, and all business departments are busy, so it is very troublesome to carry out inventory reconciliation every month, and it is impossible to know the inventory situation in the warehouse at any time。Financial manual account registration is not timely, accounting workload is large, and business reconciliation is easy to appear on the wrong side, and it takes a long time to check。To this end, the financial manager mentioned the warehouse management problem many times at the meeting, but at the end of each month, the account can not be paid, and can not find a good solution。

Cost accounting has always been an old problem plaguing the food industry. If the cost accounting is carried out at the end of each month according to the traditional accounting model, cost distortion often occurs。

三、Road to informatization:

Beijing Tiandi Saintly Food Co. Ltd. used a software that often had inexplicable data errors and was expensive to maintain。Operators fear data errors,It's a lot of repetitive work every day,Write it down by hand and then enter it again in the software,So the boss can not judge the accuracy of the data,Managers walk on eggshells every day,Cross-check business data with financial data,But there are still differences,Whenever a difference occurs,The financial staff and warehouse staff have to go over the business data for the whole month,Check it off, line by line,I always have to work overtime at the end of the month,Even so,There is still no guarantee that accurate data can be produced in a timely manner,Compile final reports,In severe case,I was late filing my taxes。Both company leaders and users are suffering。

At this point, Li, general manager of Beijing Tiandi Food Co., Ltd. began to consider re-choosing management software providers. Due to his previous experience, Li was more cautious and careful。Mr. Li first from the choice of brands and reputation, UFyou Changjietong naturally stand out in many brands, there are 800,000 users of the application explains everything。So the consulting engineer in the communication with the general manager of T3 new generation business communication software product advantages, company advantages, service advantages and so on were introduced in detail,At the same time, it aims at the management problems of enterprises,The engineer also communicated with Mr. Li what he saw and thought,To Mr. Li's great surprise,Originally, Yonyou Changjietong consulting engineers are not only software application experts,He also has unique insights in business management。Therefore, in a peaceful atmosphere, the final selection of Yonyou Changjietong T3 new generation warehouse management as an enterprise information platform。

Information system application module:

Uf T3 New generation warehouse pipe:System management, basic file, inventory accounting

四、Application effect:

T3 new generation warehouse management can view accurate and timely inventory at any time, and relevant personnel can view the existing inventory of goods at any time through the authority, so that the operator can timely understand whether the inventory of goods can meet the sales and whether the raw materials can meet the production。To ensure the normal sales and operation of the enterprise, to avoid the shipment of goods without inventory, affecting the efficiency of sales;Raw material inventory is insufficient during production, and there is a situation of stoppage and waiting for materials。

The new generation of T3 warehouse management is simple to operate, greatly simplifying the operation process of the enterprise, and the multi-unit problem that has plagued the enterprise for many years has finally been solved, and the required report is more complete。

In addition, T3 new generation warehouse management is BS architecture software, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of information system, and the network access is more convenient, solving the problem of remote data query。

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