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T1- Business treasure to Lanzhou car Baodian management treasure


China's automobile industry has experienced decades of wind and rain, and finally ushered in its own spring。The development of "blowout" has driven the automotive audio and video products industry in the automotive industry chain, and is also predicted to be one of the fastest growing industries in the future。It is expected that by 2011, the market size of automotive electronics products alone will reach nearly 240 billion yuan, and grow at an average rate of 26% per year。However, at present, China's automotive audio and video industry is also known as "the weak link in the weak industry".。Large number, small scale, low concentration, poor management ability, which is a common problem in the automotive supplies industry。Lanzhou Chebaodian is typical of this industry。

Classic car of yesteryear

Lanzhou car Baodian is one of the earliest professional automobile audio and video products sales agents in the Lanzhou market。Founded in 2003, the existing staff of more than 30 people, after more than 8 years of painstaking management, product sales, become the largest car audio and video supplies agent in Lanzhou area。Sales network covering Gansu, Qing, Ning three provinces, the agent of the products have car audio, DVD navigation and other products, mainly in the middle and high-end。At present, the company has opened branches in Yinchuan, Xining and other areas, and strive to occupy a larger automotive supplies market。

With the expansion of the scale of the company, higher requirements are put forward for the management effectiveness of enterprise leaders. How to achieve benefit increase on the basis of reducing the cost of manpower and material resources?How to achieve the full integration of information flow, logistics and capital flow?How to implement effective management of product serial number and improve after-sales service satisfaction for high-grade automotive supplies?These have become a problem in front of Liu Qiang, the president of Lanzhou Car Baodian, and have also become the key to achieve the expansion of enterprise scale and management upgrade。In particular, a recent incident made Liu feel physically and mentally exhausted。

In the wind and rain

One day in July 2009, the sun was shining brightly in Lanzhou。Just from the Xining branch back from the train Liu received the company company, let the company immediately rushed to deal with a product maintenance dispute caused by customer complaints。Sultry weather, irritable mood, tired body, day and night running, let Liu general exhaustion。After arriving at the company, I found that it is a navigator that may not be sold by my company and now has a quality problem, and the customer does not have any credentials, but it must be replaced with a new one。In line with the attitude of customer first, Liu was careful to appease the emotions of customers, and reached an agreement that the company would replace a new customer。Although the library management for a long time also found that the replacement of the product is not, the customer's anger to calm again ignited, and finally Liu always had to make the decision to return the money。With this navigator in his hand I do not know where to come from, Liu always has a hard to say ah, similar problems brought about by the non-standard manual management, is not once or twice, each time is a compromise of the company, in addition to a series of such problems hinder the development of the company:

1, product inventory name, quantity is not accurate。In addition to some ultra-high-end car audio and other goods have accurate quantity records, most of the small goods are recorded, but it is also a fool account, often customers to goods but found that the inventory is not enough, and blindly into a pile of goods back for a long time to forget。

2. Trouble caused by lack of serial number management。Although car Baodian is the largest agent in Lanzhou area,There are also many small agents in the market who deal in the same goods as him,Customers often come in with products asking for returns and repairs,And they can't identify whether they are selling products here,The resulting disputes and subsequent effects have seriously affected the company's reputation。

3. At present, Che Baodian has a branch in Xining and Yinchuan respectively, and another branch is in preparation。Liu always has half a month on the road, and delay time and tired, even if the account management and supervision of the branches around is not timely, this situation goes on, how to make the enterprise bigger and stronger?

4 、Do not analyze is good, an analysis of Liu general feel that the enterprise crisis, today seems to be brilliant car treasure, as if in the wind and rain forward。How to change in order to see the rainbow in the future development?Mr. Liu has been thinking。


In August 2009, Liu saw the Yonyou T1-commerce Treasure leaflet page, feel that Commerce treasure seems to be able to help car Baodian solve some of the current problems, so He and the company to discuss whether it is necessary to the company's management software。They tried to get in touch with the person in charge of Lanzhou Xingrui Technology Co., LTD., and the technical staff carried out a detailed analysis of the products and business of Lanzhou Chebaodian, and then brought the solution for the serial number management and other management problems to Liu and He -- T1-Commercial treasure IT communication edition。The software controls the whole process of the business, and has a clear record of every transaction such as procurement, sales and inventory, so that any problems can be traced to the source。In particular, the serial number management function tailored for enterprises with after-sales and maintenance needs just meets the management needs of Car Baodian。The remote management function of the product can easily realize the supervision of the headquarters on the other place, which greatly saves the time of traveling。Knowing the product functions, Liu and He immediately decided to choose to cooperate with Yonyou Company and adopt the user of Yonyou T1-Commercial Treasure IT communication version 15 to standardize the business management of the headquarters and branches。

After the rain comes the sunshine

After a period of running-in, in general Liu and General He personally take the lead to cooperate with the implementation, after half a month of initialization and training, Lanzhou car Baodian's purchase, sales and inventory management system officially launched。After three months of use, the results gradually become apparent:

1. At present, three people in the warehouse of Lanzhou Chebaodian headquarters use the software and take stock once at the end of each month。The warehouse management department used to have five people, but now only one person is needed to manage the goods and two people are responsible for distribution。Not only does it save two people to do other, more productive things, but it also keeps the goods clearly managed, and the product inventory distribution can be seen at the click of a mouse。

2, strict serial number management。When the product is stored, the manufacturer provides the text document of the serial number, and imports it into the T1-commerce treasure with one click, which is accurate and saves time。When leaving the warehouse, you only need to scan the product serial number with the barcode gun, and the product name and other product attributes are automatically displayed, greatly reducing the management inconvenience caused by the serial number。

3. The repaired equipment can identify the authenticity and provide historical after-sales service records simultaneously, making the maintenance easier and the service more in place。If there is a problem with the product, customers only need to take the product to the store, without any credentials, they can confirm whether it is the product sold by car Baodian, whether it is repaired or returned。Both convenient for users, but also reduce disputes, customer satisfaction greatly improved, not only to establish a good word-of-mouth publicity, but also to enhance the overall image of the company。

4, Xining and Ningchuan branch also installed T1-commerce client, through remote connection to the headquarters server, sales billing, inquiry, printing and other daily work。Sitting in his office in Lanzhou, Mr. Liu can pay real-time attention to the business status and operating data of the branch company, adjust the operating measures according to the changes in the data, and travel to the branch company to guide the work when necessary。

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